What is CTR?

CTR, or click-through rate, is used by marketers to determine how engaging the social media posts, emails, and the other CTAs they share are. It shows what percentage of the people who have seen your content actually engaged with it and clicked through to find out more.

CTR is the number of times a link leading to content is clicked divided by the number of times it was seen. This number is expressed as a percentage.

 How to increase CTR

So if your content was seen 100 times and 10 people clicked on it, your CTR is 10%.

Marketers monitor the CTR of content to identify what appeals to users and what will encourage them to take action and click through.

The CTR of branded links is up to 39% higher than that of generic short links because they are on-brand and trustworthy- motivating users to follow through and actually click.


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