Replacing URL shortener with Rebrandly is a custom URL shortener with plans that range in price from $0 to $599 per month. is new to the link shortening market. Launched in 2018, it was formerly known as BudURL. Though it offers users the ability to create custom short links, it has some limitations. Consider Rebrandly as the alternative. 

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Rebrandly offers brands the opportunity to showcase their name on all the links they share both on and offline. Consider Rebrandly as the alternative. As the original custom URL shortener, our mission is to get the whole world using branded links. Our tool is constantly being optimized based on feedback and suggestions from our users.

Rebrandly works with your business to make the most out of every link. 


Rebrandly is an extremely solid platform, designed for the long-term

Thanks to our expert engineers and external partners like Amazon AWS, we provide the best possible platform to shorten, brand and manage links. We’re:

  1. Reliable
    1. 99.9% Guaranteed service uptime
    2. Hosted in multiple countries on Amazon
  2. Scalable
    1. 60 billion clicks tracked each year (and counting)
    2. An infrastructure that's set up to grow based on customer needs
  3. Flexible
    1. 12,000+ developers already using our APIs
    2. Thousands of dedicated projects already logged
  4. Fast
    1. Up to 1,000 new branded links created pers second
    2. Rapid autoscaling infrastructure 
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