Extended Workspaces

Rebrandly's Extended Workspaces can only be accessed once activated on your account. They allow users with unique needs to customize their plan structure based on specific project requirements. If you think an Extended Workspace would be the best fit for your team, get in touch and we'll discuss your project to help you define a solution http://rebrandly.sale/contact

Use Cases for Extended Workspaces

  • High Link Volume:

Standard Rebrandly accounts can accommodate up to 1 million links, however, accounts with Extended Workspaces enabled let your company create many more millions of links (up to 1 billion per account) with flexibility and speed. 

  • Link Creation Speed - Increased API Rate Limits: 

If your project requires that you create your branded links very quickly, Extended Workspaces can facilitate the creation of hundreds, up to thousands of links per second depending on your setup. This is particularly useful when it's necessary to create links for SMS campaigns in real-time- Extended Workspaces can allow for very fast performance rates. The higher is the API rate for your account the higher is the monthly price. 

  • Link Auto Expiry: 

Sometimes the links you create aren't necessary to maintain after a few weeks or months. With Extended Workspaces, it's possible to set an auto expiry timeframe when creating the links. Link thresholds can refresh on a monthly basis (as opposed to being counted by the total number of links in the account at any given time.)  

Extended Workspace Pricing

Prices are customized based on the volume of links created each month, API rate limits and auto expiry rates. Please contact Rebrandly for a free project consultation and quote on http://rebrandly.sale/contact.


*Please note that Extended Workspaces can only be used via API, with specific documentation available for customers. 


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