How to Use Open Graph Control

Open Graph is an internet protocol that allows users to have a degree of control over how content is previewed across different social media platforms.

With Rebrandly's Link OpenGraph Control feature, users can decide how the content preview of their branded links will look when they share branded links on social. This feature lets you control factors like the image displayed, the content title and the description. 

How it works: 

  1. First, log in to your Rebrandly account and click "New link", creating a branded link as you normally would.
  2. Click "Add options" to your branded link and then click "OpenGraph metadata"

  3. A popup will appear with the current preview. To make changes, click "Override metadata" 

  4. Make the adjustments you'd like, including editing the title, featured image, content type and description. Your changes will appear in the preview as you make them so you can see what your new preview will look like.

  5. Click save and then share your branded link with its custom Open Graph preview all over social! 

You're free to change this preview in the future, as well as remove your changes and go back to the default preview.

Note that if you make changes to open graph metadata after you've already shared it on social, due to different caching behaviours in the various social platforms, your updates might not reflect immediately. If you need to make edits to the open graph preview immediately after sharing the link, we recommend creating a new link with the required preview edits. 


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