FinancesOnline Awards Rebrandly Great UX

Leading business software review platform, FinancesOnline, recently recognized the value that Rebrandly brings to businesses by making it easy for them to create short URLs that are on-brand and memorable. Whether you're interested in personal branding or marketing your business, branded links are a great way to share links with your friends, business partners, clients and social media followers. Recognizing the benefits that Rebrandly provides to its customers, FinancesOnline gave us a high 9.0 score and awarded us its Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for marketing software.


Because creating custom short links with Rebrandly is fast, simple, and effective, FinancesOnline also placed us in its top 15 marketing software list and awarded us its Great User experience recognition. True to our vision, FinancesOnline’s experts said Rebrandly enables users to create custom links that are “easy to memorize, recognize, and spread across various channels and circles” such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Incorporating your brand's name and a keyword is effortlessly done and helps build brand awareness and recognition.


Using branded links establishes your brand in your URL and people know what they are clicking on from the get-go. This significantly increases click-through rates compared to sharing generic URLs. “This is why many international companies, brand ambassadors, and influencers are now using branded links instead of generic ones,” wrote FinancesOnline. The review platform also recommended our solution in its types of marketing automation software guide.


As well as receiving a nod of approval from the experts, Rebrandly has also achieved a 100% user satisfaction rating from clients that are active FinancesOnline. That's why our tool also won the FinancesOnline Rising Star award. This accolade is given to software companies, which have established very positive traction with their users in less than no time.

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