How to Create a Vanity URL

To create a vanity URL, you need to have a domain connected to your Rebrandly account. You can do this by purchasing a domain directly through our site, or by connecting a domain you already own.

Please note, you should allow at least 15 minutes for any domain purchases or connections to finalize and propagate across the web.

  1. Log into your account and in your Rebrandly dashboard click "New link".


  1. Enter your destination URL; it's usually easiest to copying and paste this from the source location.
  2. Next, select your new domain from the drop-down list - as seen in the image below.
  3. Type your custom URL slug. This should be a keyword, so those who see it have an indication of what the link leads to. This improves trust and CTRs.


Please note: Your title is automatically imported from the link destination, which can be helpful when sharing on social media. If your headline didn't import automatically or you want to change the headline, you can simply click on it to edit it.


  1. Finally, click the "Create link" button and you're done.


Your new vanity URL will automatically be copied to your clipboard, so you can share it quickly. The option to share it on your favorite social media channels is also available within Rebrandly.

If you need to change the destination URL at any stage in the future, you can also come back and click edit to update it.


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