Use my Current Domain or Register a New One?

"Our company already has a domain name that host our company website and blog. Should I use this domain or should I register a new one?"


You can use the domain you already own, and add Rebrandly on top of your website or blog using one of our Connectors. You can also opt for an alternative solution and use a subdomain of the domain you own. Don't miss the chance to also register memorable new domain names for your links: you can use more than one domain name in the same Rebrandly account and unlock the full potential.


Use a domain you already have

Using a Rebrandly Connector, you can re-use the same domain name you already own for both your website/blog and your branded links. This setup requires you to install a component on your website, but once you get past the initial setup efforts, you will unlock the opportunity to reinforce your brand by sharing links from a trusted domain name your users are already familiar with.

Register a new domain name

Imagine the name of your company is ACME and your current domain is Our Advice is to register a new domain name with your company name/brand and a different extension (TLD). For example

The extension you choose depends mostly on what you need the branded links for. ".link" is the most generic and usually good for any occasion. But you may prefer something related to your business or to the project you are currently promoting, there are many hundreds available: .blog, .deal, .click, .press, .... .pizza!
Check all the possibility here (starting at $2 for the first 12 months)

In this way you will guarantee the visibility of your brand and will have the chance to use the domain extension (TLD) to communicate something more (eg.: what is your business about). 

Create a Subdomain from your main domain

If you prefer to use a subdomain of the company/personal domain you already own and use for your website/blog/etc... a solution is to create and connect a Subdomain to Rebrandly. In this case you do not have to register a new domain, but the setup requires a little time and expertise and your branded domain will look like 

Suggested subdomains (third level domains) are:

  • link.
  • go.
  • discover.
  • visit.
  • share.

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