Free SSL Cert for All Branded Links

How to create branded links that include Https:// (SSL) encryption

We include the ability to encrypt all the Https:// traffic from your domain name with an SSL certificate in all of our plans. When you create branded links using Https protocol, the traffic to your content will automatically be encrypted. 

Why is Https:// (SSL) important? 

SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. To be able to create an SSL connection a web server requires an SSL Certificate.

How do I setup SSL? 

We've taken care of all of the setup for you- so there's no extra configuration required on your end. Every link shared with Https:// will be encrypted from now on. What's more- links copied to your clipboard will automatically include Https://. 


Rebrandly provides the SSL certificate for all subscribers. If you would like to use your own SSL certificate you'll need to contact us for custom setup and pricing.  

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  • SSL for branded links
  • How to share branded links using Https://
  • Enabling Https:// for branded domains 
  • Vanity URL SSL
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  • 0
    Gonzalo Lopez Quesada

    Great David!

    Two questions:

    If i have my own SSL certificate set up in my server through my cPanel, am i able to share https rebrandly links in a subdomain level? (For example:

    And, to do that, do i have to upgrade to a paid plan?

  • 0
    Rebrandly Tech

    Hi Gonzalo,

    The SSL certificate must be installed on the servers which handle the user requests/clicks with https. If you use your domain or subdomain with Rebrandly via DNS configuration, all the http/https requests will arrive directly to Rebrandly servers, so it is necessary that Rebrandly (and not third-party servers like servers of your hosting provider for example) handles your certificate.

    Yes, an upgrade is necessary, because any pre-existing SSL certificate cannot be automatically installed on Rebrandly servers.

    Available if you need more help, you can reach us at for specific inquiries on your domains

  • 0
    Danial Wildansyah

    Hi David,

    In order to use custom SSL certificate, I need to upgrade to a paid plan. Can it be on any one of the paid plans? Or is i has to be a specific one?



  • 0
    Brian Gorbett

    When turning on SSL in settings, the SSL is not trusted on my Mac (have not tested in browsers on Windows yet). Is there something I am doing wrong? Is this a paid option? I will pay if I knew that was the problem. Thanks.

  • 0
    Rebrandly Tech

    Hi Brian,
    Rebrandly initiate a request to get an SSL certificate for all branded domains, no matter the plan you have. Sometimes the request takes longer, there are few reasons why it happens:
    - your DNS changes are not yet visible worldwide and the Certification Authority cannot confirm/verify that the domain is pointing to Rebrandly
    - or, your DNS configuration is somewhat wrong, we are aware of issues with misconfigured AAAA or CAA records.

    It appears to us that both of your branded domains are properly configured with an SSL certificate.
    You can check for that anytime in tools like this one here

    One of the two domains has been added recently (today), so this might be the reason you are contacting, as you tested the https redirection "too early" and the certificate was not there yet. Can you please test it again now, possibly in Incognito mode to reset your browser's caching behaviors?


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    S Yousuf

    When I turned on SSL in settings for my custom domain, a orange link appear below "ssl certificate not active"
    It has been almost 24 hours past but still it is not activated. When I try shortened any link the page redirect to warning page says page not save to load. Is it because I'm using free plan?

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