Custom short links with ssl/https

How to create branded links (custom short URLs) that include https:/ (SSL encryption) 

Do you need to share short links using your own domain name and encrypt the URL with SSL/https?

Rebrandly can be easily integrated with Cloudflare for this and many other link optimizations. It's easy and free, you don't even have to buy an SSL certificate. 

Follow the procedure here

Once the SSL is in place you may want to include Https:// in the Branded Links you Copy and Share read more here

This article is about:

  • SSL/Https for custom short URLs (Branded links)
  • How to share my rebrandly links using https
  • SSL certificate with Rebrandly branded domains
  • Cloudflare and Rebrandly
  • How do I enable https for my Branded Short Domain
  • Securly Shorten urls
  • Branded short URLs support SSL 



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