Jason Michael Uses Branded Links for His Digital Agency

Pleased to welcome Jason Michael in the Rebrandly community.

Jason is an ex DJ from Detroit and an expert in Digital Marketing, he is building a new Digital Agency that focuses on teaching small businesses to use the free and inexpensive resources. He recently signed up with Rebrandly and we are glad he is sharing his thoughts with us in this brief interview.  

Hi Jason, what do you do?

Currently, I’m building a digital agency (BizSourceful) that focuses on teaching small businesses to use the free and inexpensive resources of the web to manage their social and digital arms of their brand. I work a bit different than a typical “consultant” in that I see potential future and current “clients" as neighbors, meaning I’m there for them every step of the way until they are ready to take the reins on their own. I want to know my neighbor “clients” just like I knew my neighbors as a kid. If they need gardening, well I don’t do that, but my neighbors are more than welcome to call me to help them find out who does, who does it best, and who does it for the best price. It’s all about building communities. This started as a side project to fill my time in between jobs and it’s turning into an obsession for the better.

What makes you special?

For almost 9 years now I’ve been a high-end nightlife DJ in the Metro Detroit area and surrounding communities. But why is this relevant? Two words: Content Curation. For nearly ten years I’ve been getting people to dance to (basically) similar beats and artists by re-introducing "old news” in ways that gets people moving. And yes, I can get all the cool kids in their 20s dancing to September by Earth, Wind & Fire. Imagine what I can do with some slightly dated yet very relevant content!?

Why did you start using a branded link shortener?

I wanted something that uniquely said: “Jason made the effort to show you this and this isn’t just another CTA link to buy something.” I’ve made two accounts (hopefully that’s okay!), one is for my personal links (jasonmichael.link and jsonmi.co) and the other is for my business use links (resourceful.link and maven.click).

One thing you like about Rebrandly?

It’s SO EASY to use. I open a URL that I want to rebrand, I click one button, and BOOM I’m done. I don’t have to log-in to a dashboard all day or play around with analytics stuff I don’t yet care about (until later that day, week or month, that is).

What made you choose your specific extensions?

My personal and (by association) agency brands are built on a foundation of being uncannily resourceful. My closest friends have always said that I collect "unnecessary amounts" of knowledge (maven) and I’m the most resourceful person they’ve ever met. When sharing resourceful links, I wanted to say “Here’s a resourceful.link” and for maven personalities like me, “Here’s a maven.click" for maven stuff!

What do you typically use branded links for?

Ever since I started using the API integration with TweetBot, I’d say 90% of my use is from short jsonmi.co links. These show people that I personally saw what was on the other side of that jsonmi.co link, and if you click it and want to talk more about it, I’m right here and happy to discuss!

Here are two photos of times I LOVED using Rebrandly.

1. I used a custom link in a tweet to bring attention to my name and this other guy Gabriel liked the tweet. I quickly saw it and then I told him a branded link was coming his way...just after I napped. Then about 50hrs later I was thought, “Crap! I never sent that silly link!” So, I rebranded it as jasonmichael.link/Sorry-Gabriel-I-Take-Long-Naps

2. This other one is how I made a friendly contact on the other side of the Atlantic. The last photo is a headshot that’s different from my social media…because looking the same all the time is boring!




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