How to "Emojify" Your Links 😎

We have made adding emojis to your links super simple.

When you find a URL that you would like to customize, you can start the process in exactly the same ways as you normally do with Rebrandly:

Note: You will need to be signed up for a free Rebrandly account to use the tool.

Here's How it Works:

  1. Paste your long URL into the popup window, the same as you'd do when creating a standard branded link

  2. Select your unique domain and in the slash tag box, hit control + command (alt) + shift so the emoji keyboard pops up


  3. Choose the emoji that best suits your post. *Note that not all emojis are currently accepted


  4. Click "Create link" and your emojified link is ready to share 🚀


Emoji and emoji on links are NOT compatible everywhere. Before sharing please double-check the compatibility on your preferred platform.


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