Short URL - Updates is not available anymore - here's the best alternative

Once a link is created, you cannot change the destination URL, nor can you delete the link, or hide the amount of traffic to that link.

For this reason, is an "inferior" URL shortener.

Google announced that its URL shortening platform, will be shutting down in April 2019- and you will no longer be able to create new links. When looking for a new URL shortener, consider Rebrandly as the alternative to URL shortener. 

Rebrandly is the most complete and reliable link management platform on the market. Our solution provides the easiest way to create, measure, and manage short URLs with a custom domain name.  

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    i just want to ask, how i change destination short url like etc... before the shot pointed to some url and change to another url. can u give me totorial?? thanks

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    Hi @ditennsd if I understand your question correctly you are asking about how you can edit the destination of a shortened URL after you create it with Unfortunately, that is not possible, however, it is quite simple to do with Rebrandly, you can read about how to do it here: Rebrandly.Support/Edit-Destination

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    Helo sir, i want to asking about what are the benefits of short URL usage ? iIf you have any idea about short url please teach me how to use short url in better way, thank you sir.

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    Chandra Soleha

    Looking forward to reading more. Excellent report post. 

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    Nice and helpful Articles

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