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Hi I'm Vince at Rebrandly. I'm going to show you how to connect your Rebrandly account to Google's link shortening service,
So the first thing we'll do after signing into your Rebrandly account, is go up here to Apps and click on the Google Connector. So right here you're going to actually have a green button that says "connect". I've already set it up, so that's why mine is red. What you're going to do is click on that and then you're gonna choose the gmail address that you want to associate your account with.
Once you're done doing that, which only takes five seconds, you're ready to go.
So let's show you what this kind of looks like - So I've already picked out a piece of content that I want to share and what I'll do is of course use the Rebrandly Chrome Extension - Here's my domain and I'm just going to put in a keyword here really quick that is associated with the article I'm sharing. Ok, so then I'm going to click "save" and I'm going to share this to Twitter just for an example, you can see my link right there and I'm going to click tweet.
Ok, so now that link is live and out on Twitter, what I'm going to do is come back to Rebrandly to show you how this works. So I go back to my links, refresh this page, and so here's the one that I just created right, and I've created three links today and that's why you see this G right here, and what you can do is click on that and it'll take you to the Google stats on your link.
So if you prefer, you know, looking at this kind of data or the extra data Google is providing at the moment, you've got it all right here. And then what we can also do is just go to and now you can see all the links that I've created with this account and hear are the details, the number of clicks and here it is back on Rebrandly. So that is how you use the Rebrandly Google Connector.


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