How to Use a Branded Link for Google+

Google+ is a social media platform where you can network with millions of people, from friends to family or even business connections.

You can use branded links in may ways for your Google + account. Here are some of the best practices:

Use Branded Short Links in your G+ Profile:
Google+ allows you to add a few URLs to your profile, and these links are visible in a couple of places in your profile - At the top of your page just above the "Follow" button, in your "About" tab at the bottom, and in your "Contact" tab.

  • For your website: Most people just use their website address, but by adding a branded short link with UTM parameters, you can then also track the link and see how many clicks you are getting from Google
  • For your contact details: You can include short branded links for all your contact URLs e.g.,,


Use Branded Links for Engaging in Google Plus Community Pages:
To build your following on Google Plus you need to be posting often. A great way to gain traction is finding relevant community pages, and comment or share valuable content on them.

  • By using a branded link (branded with your name, and with a customized URL slug), you can increase link trust and link engagement by as much as 39%, and you can track clicks.
  • A unique branded link is also trackable, so you can find out how many clicks you're getting from the different communities, and see where you should focus your efforts.


Use a Branded Short Link for Your Own GOOGLE+ Community:
Once you've got the hang of Google+ you should consider starting your own community. For instance, you could build a community focused on a topic you write about in your blog, and share content from your blog, inviting your ever-growing community to visit it.

  • Use a branded link for all your shares to your community. Besides looking cool and being memorable, it will also allow you to track your links and see which blog posts people are the most interested in.
  • You can create a custom branded link for your Google+ group and use it when inviting people to your group. Whether you're sending out an email, or sharing your group on your other social channels, having this unique short link is effective e.g. 


Use a Branded Short Link to Promote Your Google+ Page or Channels:
Now that you've got your Google+ profile, you need to let more people know you've got one.

  • Use a short memorable branded link for your Google+ page on your business card
    e.g. YourName/Google-Plus
  • Use this branded link to share your Google+ page on your other social media accounts
    e.g. Twitter posts, LinkedIn groups, Facebook shares, blog posts
  • Include this branded link in all your online bio profiles
    e.g. Twitter bio, Facebook about page, Website and Blog contact pages

By using branded links for your Google+ account, you can increase link trust and engagement, custom your links for different needs, and track your engagement.

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