Custom URL Shortening for Tweetbot (iOS and MAC)

Customize the link you share with Tweetbot

It's super-easy and it's just a one-time setup: Tweetbot with your custom domain.

Tweetbot is a Twitter client for Mac.

This fully-featured client supports multiple accounts and lists.
It also has mute filters, multiple column views, and more. Is available for Mac and iPhone (iOS):

How to custom your short URL in Tweetbot

When tweeting you can now use your own branded domain. There are just few steps you need to do to setup it up properly:

1) Open your Tweetbot (Mac or iOS)

2) Open the Preferences page with the shortcut "Command + , (comma)"

3) Select "Account" and then "Services"

4) From the URL Shortening dropdown menu select: "custom"

5) Insert the Rebrandly API endpoint (described in the next section of this article)


6) Hit save and you are ready to go :-) !!!!!


How to get the API endpoint in Tweetbot:

To get a special URL for Tweetbot, replace YOUR_API_KEY with your own API key (How to get an API key) in the following:

This will shorten all URLs in your next tweets with the domain.

Want to use your own custom domain you activated in Rebrandly? Just replace with your domain name in the URL. 

Here is an example of the URL I used for my dedicated domain:
&domain[fullName] we go:-)
This is my first branded link tweet using Tweetbot: 



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