How to Delete a Domain Name from Your Account

If you want to delete a domain name you purchased through Rebrandly you need to send us an email request.

The email should be sent from the email address that's associated with your Rebrandly account. This will ensure that you own the email ID and have the right to delete the account. If you use a different email for the request this may delay the process. 

Please send your request to Rebrandly.Support/Contact specifying that you want to delete one or more domain name(s). You must specify the domain that you wish for us to remove from your account. 

Once we receive the deletion request, we will verify its validity and proceed immediately with the deletion. No notification or confirmation will be sent to you.

If you wish to transfer a domain name you purchased through Rebrandly but not to delete it, you need to initiate the transfer process. Instructions can be found here.

Please note once a domain is deleted:

  • All of the links associated with it will be deleted from your Rebrandly account. The redirects will no longer function and anyone who attempts to visit it in the future will be routed to an error page. 
  • It will be available on the domain market and it can be purchased by another person.
  • No refund will be issued for purchased domains, more info here.
  • If your domain can't be deleted for any reason, we will disable the auto-renewal, so that it will be automatically canceled after 1 year from the original date you purchased the domain.


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