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So right now, I want to share this TechCrunch article on Twitter.

So I click the tweet button and look what happens - It pops up and TechCrunch has already created a nice short URL here with their own branded domain. Unfortunately, it's a really ugly URL, it's not my brand name. I want this to be under my brand name, not TechCrunch's. And it's got this really ugly tail, which we know decreases link trust.

So what am I going to do: I'm going to click on my Rebrandly tool right here and create the link myself. I'll choose my own custom domain, so maybe I'll put it under, or one of my fun ones like, and I'll type in "/Twitters-dead". Save the link, and immediately I can share this on Twitter.

Just like that, just a couple of clicks.

Once the link is shared, we can go over to our dashboard and here's the link that's already been created. We can see our clicks, we can favorite it, share it again.

We can also dive into our ClickMeter dashboard which is our more advanced analytics tool and we can track unique clicks vs. spider clicks, and there are usually a lot of spider clicks. We can see a bunch of different data.

We can also add different things to the tracking links such as link retargeting, notes, tags, conversion tracking, redirection countdown, a ton of other parameters that go into this.

Now to connect that personal domain that I used a few minutes ago, you just go to Rebrandly[DOT]com/newdomain, type in whatever you'd like, search for it in our domain lookup, which is quick - We're working on becoming one of the fastest ones in the world. You'll see techcrunch[DOT]name is available, so I can purchase it and be connected within 15 minutes, and be sharing links under that domain. 


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