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I'm Vince magazine at Rebrandly, and I'm going to show you how to use the free Rebrandly Chrome Extension.

First thing that you're going to want to do is log into your Rebrandly account. Once you've done that , go to the Apps tab at the top. After you've clicked on it, you'll find the Chrome Extension right here. I'll let you guys set it up on your own. It's really simple, takes less than a minute.

Once you've done that, you're going to get the Rebrandly icon here at the end of your Chrome browser.

So I'll show you guys how to start sharing some content using the Rebrandly Chrome Extension.

I've already found an article that I want to share here on DuctTape. Let's say I want to share with my Twitter audience - What I'll do is click on the Rebrandly Chrome Extension, that's going to generate a short link out of this long ugly link up here at the top, and it's actually going to use my own custom domain or my own custom link. I can choose from the default rebrand.ly or my own personal link which is already there.

The next thing that you want to do is of course optimize for SEO. So you're going to put in a keyword here that you know will help your audience know what it is you're sharing with them. So for this article, it's about social media engagement, so i'll just type that "social" - Then I'll click "Save" and now this is going to share or save my link which we can see back here in my list of links, there it is.

Then I'll come back here and now what I could do is share to any single one of the channels.

The other thing that I could do is copy the link to my clipboard, and then you know wherever I go I can just paste it. But, for this example I'm going to share with my Twitter so I'll click on Twitter. It already has a message for me and here's my link right here.

You know, I'm probably going to add in some hashtags and make the message little more exciting - Something like that, but you know for this example, you guys get the point.


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