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Hello this is Derric Haynie, head of growth here at Rebrandly, and I'm going to quickly show you how you can change your Instagram bio link so that you never have to change it again.
So, what I've got here is my Rebrandly bio, which we don't actually use but I've created for this case study. And once you are logged in, we can hit edit profile and obviously change our website to whatever we like.
Right now it's pointed in our latest blog post, which is here. But that means that I have to change this to the latest blog post every single time plus there's no tracking on top of this so I can't really tell where the traffic
comes from all too well, if it comes to my bio or something else, and sometimes that track and gets lost.
So what we're going to do instead, is we're going to take this blog post, we're going to go into Rebrandly, we're going to create a new link, we're going to paste it in here and it will retrieve the title for us and everything. And we're going to call this something like "check out my latest post", how about "check out our latest blog post" - nice long title here.
Now we're using the domain because we are Rebrandly, but if you have your own custom domain you can just select it from the list there and hit "save". It's been copied and now we can go into Instagram and we can change this over and hit "submit" and we've changed the link in our body.
Oh now there's one more thing I'd like to do on top of this, so that we can track a little bit better - Which is, go to our UTM builder, and we're going to copy this link, paste it in, our campaign source is "Instagram" our meetium is "bio" and for this campaign name we'll call is "social-media". Get that URL and then copy and paste it in here.
So what we'd like to do now is actually edit our destination URL. And this is the important part because we can edit our destination URL you can come in here and save it and look at that, we don't have to go back to Instagram to change that because the link has stayed the same.
So maybe next time, maybe I'll come out with a new blog post titled something else and I'll go in here and all I do is click on this link and I'll click on the "edit" button here and here, and then I can just change this up with my latest blog post and and skip the step of having to also change out Instagram.
Plus we have the added bonus of tracking everything all in one place, so all of our clicks will be reported right here for any click that ever happens from our Instagram. That's it, if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below.


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