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So I'm going to show you how to share branded short link from within another App on your iPhone using the Rebrandly App.

So I'm here on the Rebrandly App homepage - my own home page. And what I'm going to do is click on the settings button in the bottom right with the little tool icon. So I'm going to tap on that, I'm going to scroll down and click on setup extension.

There's some quick instructions, I'll let you guys read this on your own time. Very simple and easy to follow, and when I get to the last slide here I'm going to click on "let's do it" in the bottom left.

Ok so, as the instructions will tell you, you're going to slide to the left and then click on the more button here in the far right at the bottom you can see I'm going to toggle this switch and then I'm just going to go back up to the top and click on done.
So I'm going to cancel and then close out here, and then I'm actually going to close out the Rebrandly App because I want to share a branded link from within another App on my phone. And the App that I'm going to do that from is TechCrunch because, for this example I want to share a TechCrunch article with our audience.
So I'm going to click on TechCrunch and I've already picked out an article, this one here at the top about Twitter and their new engagement App. So this one I want to share with my Twitter follower, so i'm going to click on the share icon at the top right here and that's going to bring up this AirDrop screen again. I'm going to slide the left and now we'll see the Rebrandly icon. I'm going to tap on that and then it's going to generate my short link.
So for this, I'm using my own personal domain, but if you tap on this you could see all your domains or you could use the default rebrand[DOT]ly domain. So I'm going to just press cancel to go back and what I'm going to do is choose a nice-looking keyword for this. I'm just going to type "twitter-app" - You might want to optimize for SEO when you do this, but for this example I'm just going to do "Twitter" and so I'm going to click "save" and then from here I can just click on the Twitter icon you can see TechCrunch, it's kind of already there to go, but if I hold down my thumb and press "paste" there you can see my link.
So after this of course I just press "post" and then it would post to my Twitter page. So that's how you share a branded short link from within a different App on your iPhone with Rebrandly. Yeah.

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