Ricky Uses Branded Links in Every Way!

We are pleased to Welcome Ricky Delli Paoli to the Branded Links Community. 

So Ricky, what do you do?

I’m a photographer (time lapser), founder of a communication agency and Editor for Ridble.com (for the Photography Hub but sometimes I write about Tech) and a Social Media Manager.

What makes you special?

I’m positive, every day. I have the ability to obtain something I really want because I fight for things I love. Also, I love to communicate with people, to understand what they think about something, to chat with someone. I love photography and technology and I had the courage to open something in Italy (which is a difficult place for taxes and something like this), but I dream to live and work in California. 

Why did you start using a branded link shortener?

Well, I’m crazy about statistics and KPI, as this is really important for me in everything I do, even if I simply share an article I like with a friend of mine. I love to see how many people are clicking on it, from where and other information like this.

What made you choose .LINK and .CLICK as your domain extensions?

Well, I have different domains and extensions so that I can use them for different activities. The one I use depends on the work I have to do. I usually use the brand I work for to create a specific extension.

What are you mostly using your branded links for?

As a social media manager, I use Rebrandly to track the conversion of a page regarding referral marketing. As an editor, I use Rebrandly to see how many people click on the links I create for Facebook, YouTube and every kind of social/customer-care activity. As I said before, I also use Rebrandly with friends.

What is one thing you like about our tool?

May I say “everything”? Or…maybe not. Well, the thing I love most is that you are really thinking about everything. I mean, there are browser extensions, add-ons/connections with other services, an App for iPhones… You can use Rebrandly in every way! 

More about Ricky

“I’m striking, charming, beautiful and a millionaire. Obviously, I'm talking about Tony Stark, I’m just a simple guy who loves life, entertainment, technology and more. I love long exposure photography, Time Lapses (and derivates such as Hyperlapse, FlowMotion and so on) and night photography. I founded You-Start.it to bring a breath of fresh air to all those never-solved business problems in small and big companies. I write about photography on Ridble.com and I also finance Kickstarter’s growth (or various startups on Kickstarter) buying nonsense technological objects with WiFi and Bluetooth (which are sometimes a good deal).”

Find him here:

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