Is It Possible to Change the Destination of a Bitly Link?

No. Not for less than $500/month.

The answer is taken from this Quora post. Please go here to read the full post.

The main reason Bitly doesn’t offer it is because they consider it a premium feature and want to only give it to their paying customers.

At Rebrandly, we want our Customers (from $13 and up) to have complete control over their links.

Changing the destination URL is crucial when sharing links online. What if your content moved to a new page? What if you forgot to add UTM parameters? What if you misspelled the link and already shared it? Starting over sucks.

With Rebrandly, you simply click the edit icon and change the URL:


Obviously changing your destination URL should be a fundamental feature to any URL shortener that you own. Take control of your links - Rebrandly

To add to this a little. Bitly claims they don't do it to prevent abuse. But there are now other technologies protecting users and preventing abuse that supersede this method. Therefore, we can as URL shorteners allow for the destination URL to be updated without adding risk to the user experience.


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    Ya no es verídica esta información. Actualmente Rebrandly cobra por esta opción.

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    We offer this feature for Customers from $13 and up.

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