Goos3D Finds Rebrandly Super Convenient

We are pleased to Welcome Goos3D to the Branded Links Community.

We caught up with Martin Meany, it's Founding Editor, to find out a bit more about why they're using branded links for Goos3D. 

So, what does Goos3D do?

Goos3D is an Irish technology and entertainment website. We aim to introduce the latest fun and useful technology to the public. Generally, we try to reach out to people who have a smartphone but don't really use it to its full potential. All our content is focused on being fun and useful in some way.

What makes Goos3D special?

Goos3D is different from others in the same space as we target people who don't really consider themselves technology users. We aren't interested in how many jobs the latest tech companies are creating as the general public probably aren't interested in that. We're much more interested in making your smartphone do something really fun and cool that you'll show off to friends and family. 

Why did you start using a branded link shortener?

We met Rebrandly while covering Web Summit. While the company didn't suit our model in terms of content for our audience, the concept itself was great for us. We believe that users are far more likely to click on shortened links that bare the Goos3D name, and Rebrandly is a very economical way of achieving this.

Even with the likes of Twitter removing limitations around URL lengths, Rebrandly is just tidier and has grown with features like UTM tracking and tagging. Plus the engagement with customers is simply fantastic. Questions are always answered really quickly and the Chrome Extension is brilliant.

What made you choose .XYZ as your domain extension?

We started out with .link, which wasn't ideal but it allowed us to shorten long URLs. The really nice find was .xyz. We use this regularly as it looks nice and techy thanks to Google's 

What are you mostly using your branded links for?

We mainly use branded links for Twitter, even with the longer limits in play. We also like to share content from other great tech sites that we believe resonate with our audience. Being able to rebrand links, from what was essentially a competitor, to means that the customers associate us with bringing them the content even when it's a competitor.

What is one thing you like about our tool?

Being honest, the Chrome Extension is brilliant. Often with items like this, the Chrome Extension comes after a few months. Rebrandly seems to have understood the convenience this brought to the table and it's been great from the word go. 

More about Good3D is an Irish tech and entertainment site founded in 2014. We realized that everyone has a smartphone, but so many people don't use it for anything cool. Why doesn't everyone have an alarm clock where you must scan the toothpaste barcode to turn it off? Making tech fun means more people will adopt new technology. That's all we want to do!

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