How to Connect iWantMyName Domains with Rebrandly

Are you an iWantMyname customer? You may want to create custom short links using one or more of your domains.

How to Create Custom Short URLs using an iWantMyName Domain Name:

1) If you don't have a domain yet, you need to register one first

2) Sign into your IWMN account:

3) Chose one of the domains you've already registered 

4) Open this page:

5) Decide if you want to use the main domain (if it's totally spare) or a subdomain

6) Click on the "Install Rebrandly" button

7) Now you will be redirected to the Rebrandly website (and you will need to log in if you are not already). As soon as you're logged into the system, we will add the domain (or subdomain) in your Rebrandly list of domains. 

IMPORTANT: If you have more than one Rebrandly account, be sure to log into the one you'd like the new domain to be associated with.

8) A success message will be shown and you will need to wait a short time (usually 15 minutes) before the DNS propagates

You are now ready to create custom short URLs using your own domain name. 


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