15 Character Limitation for Custom Short Domains Within Bitly

With Bitly, your branded domain must be a maximum of 15 characters. Including the dot something (TLD).

Here at Rebrandly, we let you register a domain name and use it as a custom URL shortener with a limit of 40 characters max.

This is important because URL shortening is no longer just about URL shortening. Nowadays it's more important to pay attention to link branding and link tracking.

By increasing the limit, we allow you to properly brand your links so that your users can build link trust, and you can see the added benefits of brand awareness and increased click-through rates.

You can easily search for, register, and connect a branded domain in seconds, using one of the fastest domain look-ups in the world.

This article is about:

  • Bitly branded domain character limitations
  • Bitly vs Rebrandly
  • Branded Domains
  • Link Branding

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