Can I Use My Active Website as my URL Shortener?

Connecting Your existing Website with Rebrandly

No, you cannot.

In order to connect with Rebrandly you must have a dedicated domain, or sub-domain, to use as your branded URL shortener.

When you set up your DNS to forward to our servers, we essentially become your "website host" except the only thing we are hosting are short links, and we do not (and will not) offer web hosting services.

 While there are plugins that you can host on your website to use as your own URL shortener, we do not recommend them due to the limitations in your own web host. Most specifically, we, at Rebrandly, are set up for reliability and speed, which is crucial to URL shortening and redirection. Your web host is likely not a dedicated host, crashes sometimes, and ultimately relies on paying your web host to support your links.

Instead, we always recommend using a branded URL shortener, like Rebrandly, but purchasing or connecting a new domain or subdomain. Ideally a short domain name that fits your brand.

Here's an FAQ on purchasing and connecting a new domain.

Here's an FAQ on connecting a sub-domain (which we do generally consider slightly inferior as it makes the links longer).

We also wrote a blog post on How to Find the Perfect Domain to Use as Your Custom Link Shortener.

Warning: Attempting to connect a live website domain to our URL shortener (by changing your DNS settings) will undoubtedly take your website down. What you are literally doing is telling people to stop looking at the computer where your website is located, and instead look at our servers.


This article is about:

  • Using your website domain as your URL shortener
  • Forwarding your DNS settings
  • Website URL shortener plugins and why you shouldn't use them
  • Finding and connecting your custom URL shortener

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