Alternatives to Rebrandly

Weighing Alternatives To Rebrandly: Finding the Best URL Shortener for You

We understand that we may not always be the right fit, and there may be another URL shortener out there that fits your specific needs a little bit better. Even if you've decided that we are not the tool for you, we wanted to share six alternatives to Rebrandly. 

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Here Are The Best Alternatives to Rebrandly


YOURLS Link Analytics

YOURLS is an open-source DIY solution that is absolutely worth mentioning on our top 10 list, but is also not going to be the right solution for 99% of people.

While I’ve already recommended not doing it yourself, you may need to for one reason or another. Maybe you want to make sure no one else at all can see or own your data, or perhaps you’re working on becoming a better programmer and want to do this for school.

If you’ve got some experience coding and you’re own web server, this one is a great alternative to Rebrandly.

Sniply Homepage

Sniply is a great URL shortener for content creators really hustling to build an email list or drive additional traffic.

You’ve probably come across a Sniply link before. When you click on it, it looks like you’ve been taken to a website, but what is really happening is that you are being shown the website in an iFrame and Sniply is overlaying a form on the bottom that says something like “Join my list” or “Check out this related post.”

This is great for content curators because when you send people to someone else’s site, you tend to lose them forever. Now you can convert some of those users…


I personally really dislike this strategy and think that overlay tools like this, which are becoming quite the fad, will die out in the next few years. My warning to you and Sniply is quite simple:

If it’s bad for the user experience it won’t last.

And quite frankly this is bad for the user experience.

Between that and the fact that Dustin Stout already created a tool called Framebuster to block this from working on your website, it’s only a matter of time before all websites block this type of activity, which will lead to sending traffic to error pages and ultimately losing trust with your audience.

My advice is to not use tools like this, but hey, if it is working for you, use it while you can.

Branch Metrics Deep Linking Homepage

Branch is an analytics company specializing in deep links and improved attribution for mobile apps. If you are creating, or have a mobile app, and have a very slim website, this one is probably for you. Their core deep linking features and analytics are free, while the more advanced premium solutions are charged.



ClickMeter Homepage

ClickMeter is a great solution for affiliate marketers, advertisers, and enterprise-level companies that are looking for something a little bit more technical and just a little different than Bitly.

They also offer conversion tracking, which not a lot of other URL shorteners are doing.

The truth is… Clkim is a very close competitor to Rebrandly. They offer very similar features, have a solid price point and user interface, and work to educate their users. I mean, I like what they do.

The main difference between Rebrandly and Clkim is that they have turned focus a bit more towards link monetization and interstitial advertising, and we are completely dedicated to link branding and the power of link trust.

If you like everything Rebrandly does, but are looking for interstitial ads, anti-ad blockers, and monetized campaign management, then yes, Clkim is a great alternative to Rebrandly, because we will not be offering those features any time soon.

Haven't heard of us yet, or not quite sure what Rebrandly does?

Rebrandly is the complete link management solution that empowers companies and individuals to put their brand on every link that they share. Links connect us, and we want companies to be able to use them as both a branding and growth opportunity.

Instead of sharing generic short URLs like short.url/h88hr74 create a branded link with Rebrandly and feature your brand's name, what you do, and where the link will lead right within the short link. Since the branded short URL you're sharing has your brand name on it, rather than the link shortening service's, it creates trust for the user. With advanced tracking and security services, we also want to ensure that you get the most information out of link creation and sharing. If you want to learn more, we'd love to talk with you about finding the right plan to fit your goals. 

Watch this short video to learn more about the differences between generic short URLs and branded links. 


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