Alternatives to Bitly (Pro)

Finding the Best URL Shortener for You
Rebrandly is the valid alternative to Bitly Pro

Bitly (Pro) is one of the most known URL shorteners out there. They offer teams, campaign management, a great UTM builder, and tons more features. But, their starting package is a whopping $500/month. This is only a realistic price point for large and fast growing companies.

We consider ourselves, here at Rebrandly, and at our sister company, ClickMeter, very solid alternatives to Bitly Pro. We have many of the same features, but without the hefty price tag. We want you to have full control over your links, at a price point that fits your needs.

Which one is for you?

Rebrandly is the user-friendly link creating, shortening, and branding service that spun out of ClickMeter, our larger and admittedly more clunky tool for advanced digital marketers and power users.

  • If you need to create and share a ton of branded links online,
    choose Rebrandly
  • If you need to create thousands of links with advanced features,
    consider ClickMeter.

If you are already a Bitly pro user consider that you can import all your existing bit links into Rebrandly

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