About Me Section for Guest Blog Posts 

Ever write a blog post where the only link you're allowed to post that goes back to your site is in the "About the Author" section?

That link is really important for getting value out of your guest blog post. First, it's a backlink, which Google likes very much. And Second, it can drive traffic, which can then convert to a user, lead, or customer.

But how do you know if it's performing? What happens if you want to redirect that backlink to a new page, or a custom page dedicated to that audience?

If you use a short link, you can at any time add UTM parameters to the link, change the destination URL, and track and report on the clicks and traffic that link is bringing your business. Now I wouldn't recommend using a generic link shortener here, as that type of link is likely to lead to a lower level of index by Google. Use a branded short link for better results.

And if you're concerned about using a short link because it will lower the SEO value of the link, don't be. Between my explanation on the SEO value of short links on Quora, and Matt Cutt's explanation on how Google treats URL shorteners and 301 redirects, we are fairly certain that nearly 100% (if not 100%) of the "link juice" is being passed through.

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