Link to Company Website from Personal Social Accounts

Best practice: benefits of linking to Your Company Website from Your Personal Social Accounts using UTM.

Just like linking to your company site from your email signature, you can link to it from all of your social accounts and use a URL shortener in conjunction with UTM parameters to track how much traffic you are personally driving to your own website.

Here’s how my month is going:

Using a URL Shortener to Send Traffic from Your Personal Channels

56 visitors and 2 conversions, all from my own personal marketing efforts. Not bad. Think I use these numbers to impress my boss? You betcha!

By tracking my personal marketing efforts better, I also have better data in terms of how users are converting from all of the other channels because my results are in my own custom campaign instead of coming in as "direct" traffic.

Keeping your data clean is very important for monitoring and adjusting your marketing strategies.

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  • Link Tracking
  • Personal Marketing
  • UTM Parameters

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