How To Use the Notes Tool When Creating Branded Links

This article is about how to use the Notes tool when creating your branded links with Rebrandly. 

The Notes tool is quite simple and works just as you might suspect. It allows you to leave notes on links so that when you come back to it later on and need to remember what that link was used for, where it was shared, or anything that's important to you regarding that link, you will be able to remember by using the Notes tool. The Notes tool is optional and you can choose to either use or not use it. 

Here's a video that explains notes in more detail:

The following is an example of how you might use the Notes tool:

  1. To use the notes tool, first click "Add options" and then on the [Notes] button.


  2. After clicking on the Notes button, a section will open up with a text field, which reads "Type or paste link description"


  3. Simply type in any notes you wish to add to the link you are rebranding. For example: "shared 8/23 across social media for new feature launch." Then, click the [Save] button, and your note will be there for your access in the future to refer back to.



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  • How to use the Notes tool when creating branded links
  • What to use the Notes tool for

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