Can I Rebrand Another Short Link or Other Rebrandly Link?

 Can I shrink an already shrunk link? For example:

Short Link A -> Short Link B -> Website Destination URL

Yes, you can technically do this but we do not recommend it as it is a redundant practice and you would be better off simply changing information on the original link.

If you do not have the ability to change the original link, then it is OK to "re-shrink" a link and use that link to share with others, but this may present a couple of problems:

  1. Could be marked as spam by Google, Facebook, or others.
  2. Meta data may not be passed through properly. When you post a link into Facebook, it will pull what is called Open Graph data from the destination site and load a preview of the destination. This may not work when using multiple short links in conjunction with each other. This may also cause title information to not populate accurately within Rebrandly.
  3. It could cause additional load time for the end user. This is usually negligible but could effect how many users leave your site before arriving, as page speed load time is critical to engaging with your audience.
  4. You now have 2 points of failure. If the person in charge of the other short link, or their service provider, decides to delete or change that link, then your second short link will stop working.

Link masking is the process of disguising one link inside another short link. You may want to do this with an affiliate link you have to send people to "" instead of "" or something like that.

Note: Users attempting to redirect two or more links between each other to create an "infinite loop" will be flagged and are at risk of getting their account banned.

This article is about:

  • Redirecting a short link to another short link
  • Link masking
  • Multiple link redirections

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