How To Store and Use UTM Presets

This article will show you how and why you would want to store and use UTM presets when branding links with Rebrandly. 

UTM presets make it quick and easy to fill in your most commonly used UTM parameters. For example, you may post a lot of content and branded links to Twitter, and many times when doing so you define the same Source, Medium, and Campaign.

Instead of filling these in manually each and every time, for your most commonly used parameters, simply store them in your UTM Presets so that you may access them quickly for future use.

Here's how you can store and use UTM presets:

  1. After you have filled out your UTM parameters in the UTM Builder, if you want to save it as a preset, click on the Create preset button.

  2. Then, next to Preset name fill in the field with the name you would like to use for this particular UTM Preset, such as, "Twitter Post". Once you've entered the name you want to use, click on the Create button.

  3. The next time you want to use one of your stored UTM presets, simply click on the drop-down menu and select the preset you wish to use, and your UTM parameters will automatically be filled in.



This Article is About:

  • How to store and use UTM Presets
  • Why you would want to store and use UTM Presets
  • How the Rebrandly UTM Builder works 
  • UTM variables

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