Is Rebrandly Trusted?

Yes, Rebrandly is trusted. 🤓

Rebrandly is relied on by customers all over the world, including brands like Harvard, Xing, Jaguar/Land Rover, Conde Nast, ABB, Ernst & Young, Randstad and more. 

We're fully GDPR compliant, handling all of your information in the most professional manner and will never give away your information to a 3rd party.

We will never change or delete your account in a malicious way or redirect your links without your permission. That would go against everything we believe in as a company.

We make it easy to unsubscribe to all of our emails and value your privacy and right to opt-out at any time.

Some notification emails may be mandatory reminders about your domain(s) or account information. This cannot be shut off and shouldn't be ignored, as it is pertaining to things the domains you own and/or billing issues.

For our complete terms of service, please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

This Article is About:

  • Can I trust Rebrandly with my email?
  • Can I trust Rebrandly with my links?
  • Is Rebrandly Spamming me?
  • Rebrandly is trusted
  • Rebrandly is NOT a scam 

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