Is Rebrandly Reliable?

Yes, Rebrandly is reliable. πŸ€“

Uptime Report
Obviously, in order to be a worthwhile resource for our users, we need to have a very strong security and server network. To check our uptime reports, you can see the status of our servers at any time here:

One of the benefits of using Rebrandly instead of just using, for example, a WordPress plugin, is that we have 99.9% uptime and spend quite a lot of time, effort, and developer resources to ensure that our links are always operational.

Rest assured that at Rebrandly, we work around-the-clock to ensure that your links are getting people where they need to go.

Possible issues or outages may arise with your domain provider or a TLD - Top-Level Domain, such as .com - that could disrupt your service. These issues are out of our control, but when they happen, in most cases, we are instantly notified. We try our best to act on your behalf to reconnect your domains and get your service back up and running as soon as possible.  


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