Can I Delete a Link?

How to Delete Old or Irrelevant Links to Clear Space and Free Up Important Keywords

While you can always change all parameters and factors within every link you create, sometimes it's just easier to delete the link or start over from scratch. Or maybe you need to take down an active link on the web to prevent people from accessing old information or an expired offer. (We do recommend you redirect that traffic rather than delete the link entirely and leave people getting an error page).


How come it says I have a link with that URL slug but I don't actually have one?

You deleted it from active, and need to go into trash to delete it permanently.


To delete a link in Rebrandly:

Hover over the area to the right of the analytics bar and the link options will appear. Click the trash can icon and confirm that you would like the link deleted.


This does not delete the link, but only moves the link to a trash folder. To finalise deletion, you must find the link within the trashed folder and click the X to delete.



To restore the link, simply click on the Refresh/Restore button and the link will be moved back into the active links category.

There are many Link Shorteners you can use. However, they do not allow you to delete links. Instead, you can archive or even hide them but you cannot permanently delete links. 


This article is about:

  • How to delete a link
  • How to restore a deleted link
  • How to access the "trash" folder
  • Problems creating a new URL slug that doesn't seem to exist

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