Rebrandly and ClickMeter: Craftain Video Tutorials

Craftain is a website where you can learn the best tools from their creators for free. In the Craftain courses on Rebrandly and ClickMeter, you will learn how to create and share branded links with Rebrandly, and how to use ClickMeter to track your links performance. 

Here's what you will learn by viewing these courses:

  • How to take advantage of Rebrandly in order to promote your brand.
  • How to connect ClickMeter with your Rebrandly account in order to track the performance of your branded links.
  • How to choose a branded domain and buy it.
  • How to create and share a link from Rebrandly
  • How to use the Rebrandly browser extension
  • What you get with Rebrandly basic analytics
  • What you get when connecting your ClickMeter account to Rebrandly

By taking the course, you'll also get a special coupon code that Rebrandly has reserved for Craftain users.

To take the course, create a Craftain account for free by going to, and then find the Rebrandly / ClickMeter course titled "Create, share and track a Branded Short-Link"


This Article is About:

  • How to create, track and share branded short links using Rebrandly
  • Video tutorials on Rebrandly and ClickMeter
  • How to connect your ClickMeter and Rebrandly accounts
  • What you get with Rebrandly and ClickMeter

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