How do I change my Login Email?

In order to change the email address used to log into Rebrandly you need to send a request to our support team using your email: support [at] rebrandly [.] com 

Since the login email is a critical part of your credential and we need to guarantee secure access to any Rebrandly customer, our team will review your request in order to determine if you are the legitimate owner of the account or if you have the right to take the ownership of it. 

The best way for you to proceed is to send the request directly from the email address currently used to log into Rebrandly, this is proof that you have access to the account. 

In case you do not have control/access over that email you need to explain, in your request, why you are using another email to contact us. 

What to add in your change email request:

  1. The new email you would like to use to access Rebrandly (be sure you have access to that email)
  2. The reason why you need to change the email (e.g. your colleague left the company) 
  3. If you are not writing from the current login email, the reason why you are using a different email to contact us. 
  4. Any other proof that may help us prove you are the legitimate owner of the account

Once we receive your request it will take approximately 24 working hours to change the email address if eligible. 


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