Redirecting/Forwarding The Main Branded Domain

How to Forward Your Main Domain - TLD - to Another Page or Website.

Domains are treated differently than URLs and you should not be purchasing a domain from Rebrandly for the sole purpose of wanting to redirect that domain to another website. That can be done fairly easily with any domain, thus our product really serves no additional value to you.

Please note that not all websites allow domain redirects to work for them. For example, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have disabled this feature, which means you cannot redirect your domain to theirs. You will get an error.

Places you can redirect your main domain to:

  • Your main website.
  • A downloadable file on the internet such as a slide deck or PDF
  • A recent blog post on your website.
  • A Google Doc or Sheet. (The user will require access)
  • A squeeze page, lead magnet, or log in page.


The most important thing to note when redirecting your main domain is that it is not a pure redirect. Instead the domain is "embedding" the destination address and adding a Rebrandly bar at the bottom. Take a look at an example from one of our users:


Currently this bar can not be disabled, but it will likely be a feature in the future. This is the only spot that we are embedding a Rebrandly bar in the link. All other URLs from your domain will be automatically redirected.

Please note that at this time if you absolutely need a domain redirect that does not include the Rebrandly bar, then you will need to disconnect your domain from Rebrandly, and then would have to use a subdomain as your URL shortener. For example, if you want to go to without our bar, then you would have to transfer (by sending a request to support) to another domain registrar, then you could set up as your URL shortener afterwards.


Set Up Your Main Domain Landing Page

To set up your main domain redirect. Please go to, find the domain you would like to change and click on it. And fill in and update the "Landing page" box:


After updating, you will see a "domain details excepted" box and the redirect will be live.


If you see an error box this would typically mean that the location you are trying to redirect to will not accept a domain redirect, and therefore you need to choose a new domain.


This article is about:

  • Forwarding your domain
  • Redirecting your main domain to your website
  • What is the bar at the bottom of my main domain?
  • Can I turn off the Rebrandly bar for my main domain?

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  • 1
    P. van S.

    Having limits from the Main Branded Domain to be forwarded like this is a drawback from both security- and technical perspective that this is not possible to have removed AND have the page 'embedded'.

    My company website does not allow framing other pages (only same origin) for mainly security reasons. Therefor, the framing option doesn't work for us, and we end up with a 'grey' embedded page because of it. Changing our configuration for this, is extra work. In other words, I think this is something you can't do/demand from users and is technically unnecessary as well from my 'outsider perspective'.

    Second, like suggested in the article, using a different subdomain (go.yourdomain.blah) for forwarding, is not how we - and I presume majority of users - intend to use a branded short domain. Again, from my point of view, a technical issue that CAN be solved.

  • 1

    I understand the "why" Rebrandly has created this functionality for spreading awareness of the service, but I believe it is damaging interest in the product altogether.

    As P. van S. is experiencing, my website does not frame in the Rebrandly page and a blank grey background is displayed... confusing the visitor to the link/site/page. This is bad for the customers of Rebrandly and a knock on Rebrandly itself. My initial excitement to use this service has been deflated as a result and I hope that the leadership team at Rebrandly takes another look at how to properly support this issue moving forward... and not at a cost to the customer when other URL shortening services offer the same feature in their freemium models.

    Edited by Matt
  • 1
    Ben Engel

    Not getting a normal redirect on the root domain is also the reason for our company to not use Rebrandly. Any plans to add this functionality? We would even pay for it :-)

  • 1

    I think this article needs to be updated. I had the same complaint about the main domain not pointing to the home page of my website. A few months ago this was changed and the "Rebrandly" bar no longer shows at the bottom of the page, and now it redirects straight to my site -- no iframe.

    Also, it mentions "not" being able to link to social sites. While this may be true for LinkedIn, I have had success pointing to my Facebook and Twitter profiles.

    Edited by Otoño
  • 1

    Agreed w/ Otoño. Since the iframe / black bar has been removed, I have made Rebrandly a core function of our current and future marketing/branding strategies. Thank you Team Rebrandly! You listened to your customers and we will reward you for the decision! 

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