How to Find a Link I've Already Created/Rebranded

Searching For a Link I Created

When you start creating a lot of links, sometimes its hard to find something you created a while back. There are a couple ways to make this easier.

Find a Link You Have Favorited (Loved)

The first thing you should consider is favoriting your important links - the ones you know you will go back to and share over and over again. Links such as your social channels, or perhaps a short link to your home page that has specific UTM parameters built into it.

Then you can easily go into your dashboard and search for only your "loved" links:

And you can also change the filter from latest to:

  • Oldest
  • Title (or domain) A-Z
  • Title Z-A
  • Slashtag (or URL slug) A-Z
  • Slashtag Z-A

Find a Link You Haven't Favorited (Loved)

Now if you need to find a link that you haven't favorited, then I would recommend a generic search. Simply go to the search bar in the top right corner of your dashboard and type a keyword associated with the link. The keyword should be either a:

  • part of the URL slug
  • part of the destination URL slug
  • part of the meta title or description associated with the URL

It needs to be something associated with this link, like the domain you are linking to. It won't be very helpful to search for your main domain title or as that will just show you all of the links ever created under that domain itself. So look for differentiating features to find your link faster.

If you have your destination URL, I'd recommend searching for a piece of it rather than the whole thing, such as the destination domain name, or one keyword within the destination URL slug.

If you cannot find your link, you can create another link with the same parameters and a new URL slug and use that link from here on out.


This article is about:

  • Searching for links within Rebrandly
  • Finding a link I've created in Rebrandly
  • Sorting or filtering to find a link


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    Will Bolt

    Is there a permissions reason that I'm unable to search for any links within the company group I'm a part of? I can create links but any searches I do return zero results. Even a search for something like ".com" or "a" brings up nothing.

    Is it because I'm not the team owner?

    Personally, I really don't see how making search a function that is only available to owners is useful. Seems like that should be a global function.

    Edited by Will Bolt
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