What is the Rebrandly Bar at the Bottom of My Main Domain?

Understanding the Rebrandly Bar.

The Rebrandly bar at the bottom is visible only if you go directly to the main short domain and not when someone clicks on your branded links. Forwarding a domain is handled differently than forwarding a link, and for that reason, and the fact that we offer our service completely free of charge, we include a bar with information about how your URL shortener is used any of your free account domains.

Specifically the domain, such as mybrand.link, and not any specific link, such as mybrand.link/awesome-blog-post

Can I have the bar removed?

Currently we do not offer an option to remove the bar, but this option will become available with our paid versions.


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  • The Rebrandly footer bar
  • My main URL shortener domain
  • Removing Rebrandly from my domain

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