Issues Purchasing a Domain?

Having Trouble Purchasing a Domain with Rebrandly? Maybe it shows as available, but when you try to add it to your cart you get an unavailable error message.

Here's what's going on:

Every time you search for a domain we query more than 500 different sources. To give your search the fastest response possible we need to include domains that may have been reserved by the TLD - the original provider. These domains have not been registered by anyone but they are reserved or premium domains. 

Reserved and premium domains are often domains using very common words or names, as those are often reserved by registrars to sell at a premium price. We do not offer premium domains, as it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend a premium amount on your link shortener domain when there are so many cheaper options.

To register one you should directly contact the TLD registrar to purchase it at its premium or reserved price. Services like GoDaddy or allow you to purchase reserved or premium domains.  

If you do purchase a reserved or premium domain outside of Rebrandly and want to connect it to your Rebrandly account you can certainly do that. 

Once purchased, you can edit the DNS settings of the domain to point it to Rebrandly. You will then be able to use that domain to create links from your dashboard, browser extension or API.

See the full instructions to Connect a Domain via DNS.

*note you can use this method to connect any domain you purchased outside of Rebrandly not just reserved or premium ones. 

If you believe you are having other issues with purchasing a domain, please get in touch on https://Rebrandly.Support/Contact


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  • 3
    Giana Cruz

    This would be great if it told you where to purchase domains that show up in rebrandly as "premium can not be purchased here".

  • 1
    nicholas manderfield

    This would be great if it told you where to purchase domains that show up in rebrandly as "premium can not be purchased here". Still. A year later.

  • 0
    Michael Kemper

    Me: Circulates a domain name around my company for approval. Finally get the green light.

    Rebrandly: Oh, sorry... we can't actually sell you any of these. And after 2 years, we've still failed to improve that experience for our users, but you can read this support article... after you click Add to Cart.

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