Issues Purchasing a Domain?

Having Trouble Purchasing a Domain with Rebrandly?
Maybe it says it's available, then suddenly you cannot buy it?

Here's what's going on:

Every time you search for a domain we query more than 500 different sources. To be fast (our domain search is one of the fastest in the world) we needed to exclude the domains that have been reserved from the TLD - the original provider. These domains have not been registered by anyone but they are reserved or premium domains and to register them you should directly contact the TLD registrar to purchase it at its premium or reserved price.

​This happens if you search for very common words or names, as those are often reserved by registrars to sell at a premium. We do not offer premium domains, as it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend a premium amount on your link shortener domain when there are so many cheap options.

If you believe you are having other issues with purchasing a domain, please email us at support [@] or submit a ticket here.


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    Giana Cruz

    This would be great if it told you where to purchase domains that show up in rebrandly as "premium can not be purchased here".

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