How to connect Rebrandly to ClickMeter

Easily Link your Rebrandly Account with your ClickMeter Account, making it even easier to monitor your Branded Links.

You need to have a Rebrandly account and a ClickMeter account already.
Follow these simple steps to connect your accounts:

  1. Visit our ClickMeter Connector APPs page, and click the green ‘Connect to ClickMeter’ button on the top right side of the page.

  2. A window will pop up, asking you to insert your ClickMeter API key. Click on the highlighted blue text to be automatically directed to your ClickMeter account.

  3. Once your ClickMeter page opens, and you’ve logged in if necessary, you’ll see your API Key. Copy this key and paste it into your previous window's block.

  4. Done! From here on out, with every link you create, you will see a ClickMeter icon (three grey bars) next to the other icons on the right of the link.

    You can now click this icon and you’ll be automatically redirected to your ClickMeter account where you can get advanced metrics for each of your links.

 A look at one of the ways ClickMeter reports on clicks (this is the referrer breakdown):



Why would you want to connect your Rebrandly and ClickMeter accounts?

Rebrandly allows you to rebrand your links with your unique domain, and offers basic metrics. 
ClickMeter offers advanced metrics, giving you that extra information to boost your marketing efforts.

Once connected, and you’ve rebranded a link on Rebrandly, this link will automatically be added to your ClickMeter account in a folder called ‘Rebrandly’.

When you’ve connected both accounts, you’ll see a ClickMeter icon (three grey bars) next to all of your branded links in Rebrandly.

This makes it very easy, once you've rebranded a link in Rebrandly, to click the icon and be automatically redirected to your ClickMeter account where you can see the advanced metrics.



In case you have branded some URLs before you connect with ClickMeter your old links will NOT be associated with ClickMeter. If you want to associate them you will have to open every old link in edit mode and save again.


This article is about:

  • Connecting your Rebrandly and ClickMeter accounts
  • Getting advanced metrics on your Branded Link


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