Where Do I Go to configure my DNS?

Sometimes configuring your DNS can be tricky and, if you already use the domain to host your website, you need to be very careful or you may end up shutting down your website. 

The problem is that setting up DNS for each domain registrar or hosting provider is slightly different.

There are many thousands of domain names providers. But the majority of them have similar ways to manage DNS. 

Here are instructions at some of the most popular domain providers:

  1. How to Change DNS Records at GoDaddy
  2. How to Change DNS Records at HostGator
  3. How to Change DNS Records at Register.com
  4. How to Change DNS Records at Blue Host
  5. How to Change DNS Records at Ipage.
  6. How to Change DNS Records at InMotion Hosting.

Important to know:

  • DNS needs to be propagated all over the World in order to make the dedicated domain works. If the domain is brand new it should take only about 15 minutes. But if the dedicated domain was registered in the past it could take up to 24 hours

To properly configure your DNS, please continue with instructions on whichever type of domain you are connecting:

 If you are looking to change the DNS records of your Rebrandly purchased domain, please submit a ticket to support here.


This article is about:

  • Finding where my DNS records are located
  • Changing my DNS records
  • Connecting a new domain to Rebrandly
  • Connecting a new subdomain to Rebrandly

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