Branded Short Links vs. Generic Short Links

A branded short link is owned by the publisher and represents their brand, while a generic short link is using a public domain that anyone can publish a short link under.

Here's a great example of a branded short link:

Branded Short Links are:

  • Memorable- it's easier to remember a domain that fits your brand
  • Pronounceable- they keyword as the URL slug, not just random alphanumeric strings
  • Trusted- people are more likely to recognize your company name and trust your links at a glance
  • Drive brand awareness - when someone shares your content, the link stays the same, driving an additional reach for your brand
  • And best of all, they've been proven to increase click-through rate by up to 39%

Here's an example of a generic short link:

A total missed opportunity by Madonna. I wonder if she could have increased her number of clicks by using a branded short link instead of a generic one.

Generic Short Links are:

  • Public- anyone can create a link under the same domain
  • Almost always blacklisted- when anyone can use them, someone will end up creating spam links and getting the domain blacklisted. Here's an article with more information about blacklisted short links
  • Promotional- they are used to promote the brand of the URL shortening company you are using, and not your own brand

Rebrandly is dedicated to helping you put your brand on your links. We won't rest until Madonna, and the rest of the world is using a branded link shortener :-)


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