How Does a URL Shortener Track Clicks?

All URL Shorteners are slightly different in how they track clicks, what clicks they count, and what clicks they remove.

We Remove All Bot/Spider Traffic from Our Click Counter

At Rebrandly we automatically remove all bot/spider traffic from your click counter. Bot traffic appears naturally on every single link that you share publicly - on social media, advertising, or even on a forum. It occurs because companies like Google are looking to index your link and ensure that you are sending the user to a safe destination. Other bots, such as smaller social media analytics companies, may click on your link. Bot traffic is detectable, and therefore can be filtered before sending a click report to you, the end user.

Unique Clicks vs Non-Unique Clicks

In Rebrandly we track and report on all non-unique human clicks. In order to see unique clicks, you will need to integrate with ClickMeter and open the ClicKMeter Link Stats page.

How Does Click Tracking Work?

Every time a user clicks a link, they are very briefly sent to a site that we control, which causes a page load request that we can then grab user data - such as referrer information and screen dimensions and a few other relevant pieces of information that are provided to any website you visit - before nearly instantly passing the user to their end destination. When done right, the process is seamless. Which is why having extremely high reliability and speed is crucial when in the URL shortener industry.

Since the beginning of Rebrandly, we have never had a crash and still remain at 100% uptime. You can check the Rebrandly status at any time.

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  • Does Rebrandly remove bots/spiders from my click counter?
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  • How does click tracking work?



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