Connecting Your Rebrandly Account With


This feature has been discontinued! 
From March 30, 2018, Google turned down support for URL shortener.

Every time a link is branded with Rebrandly it will also be automatically created in your account.

To connect your Rebrandly account to your account, go to the connector page and click "Connet to"



If you are connected to a ClickMeter account, you will be prompted to switch your connection from ClickMeter to Google:


Switching the account over will stop all links from being duplicated in ClickMeter and now will only duplicate links into your account.


Why would you want to connect to

  • To track your branded links performance alongside or versus the performance of your existing links.
  • To share information publicly or with other team members that still use the old account.
  • For additional integration options.


This article is about:

  • Connecting a Rebrandly account to a account
  • Tracking Rebrandly links inside
  • Switching from ClickMeter tracking to tracking
  • Customize short urls

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