How to Edit a Custom Short Link

Did you make a mistake when creating a new short link? No worries, you can change it quickly and painlessly from within your Rebrandly account.

Simply log in to your Rebrandly account and navigate to your links page:

  1. Find the branded link you are looking for, either by searching at the top or scrolling through your list.

  2. Click on the short link itself, or the ellipses - "pencil" on the right-hand side to access the individual link or edit page.



  1. Click the "..." icon to access the edit mode from the link detail page:


4. Easily edit any aspect of your short link.


You can change your:

  1. SEO title meta tag and destination URL
  2. Link options

After you've made your changes click save and the link will be updated nearly instantly.

Changing the main branded link URL or domain will render the old branded short link dead - it will no longer connect to your destination link and will give you a 404 error. If you've already shared this link publicly it will no longer work.

Why would you want to edit your short link?

  • To point people from a static location, like your Instagram account, to your latest blog post
  • To take an old link that pointed at least years event and now points it at this year's event
  • To update UTM parameters within the destination URL
  • To point someone to a more appropriate piece of content
  • To update a bad or dead link
  • To redirect users to a new location

This article is about:

  • Updating a short link
  • Changing where people go when they click a link
  • Changing a link after you've already shared it
  • Updating a branded link
  • Updating a short link
  • Updating a SEO title meta tag
  • Updating a branded keyword
  • Change destination link later
  • Be able to update the redirection afterward
  • Alter url of my link
  • Editable destination link
  • Ability to change link source
  • Modify a target url on bitly
  • Change landing page on

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