Connect a Domain I Already Own / Change My DNS (Available ONLY for PAID plans)

This process will allow you to turn any domain you own into your own personal or business link shortener. All you have to do is change your DNS records to have it "point" at Rebrandly.

This feature is only available for PAID plans users.

Warning: Do not change the main (or @ record) DNS settings for a live website. This will immediately disconnect the domain from the host, meaning your website will go down. Rebrandly, or any other URL shortener, does not work if the domain is hosting an active website, it only works on a domain that is "empty" or not in use.

For customers, please go here.

For Go Daddy customers, consider watching this video we made to assist you.

For I Want My Name customers, please go here.

To connect your DNS follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Rebrandly.

  2. Go to this page:
    (Domains > New Domains button > Setup DNS)

  3. Specify that you own a spare domain.

  4. Write your main domain name as the domain name field (e.g.

  5. Log into your domain hosting account (GoDaddy, Hostgator,, etc).

  6. Navigate to the DNS Settings page.
    Important Note: Do not follow these steps for a live website. Your site will go down. Only complete the next step on an unused domain.

  7. Delete all records associated with the domain's root name (e.g., if any.

  8. Add a new record for the root domain name:
    - Record type: A 
    - Hostname (or Name): leave it empty
    - Point to (or Address/Value):
    Note: some DNS providers may require you to write the entire hostname e.g. "" instead of leaving it blank. Other providers may not accept an empty value, requiring you to specify "@" instead.

  9. [OPTIONAL] Add another record to support also "" redirection:
    - Record type: A
    - Hostname (or Name): www 
    - Point to (or Address/Value):

  10. Save your changes

  11. Wait for your domain setup to finalize. You’ll receive an email from Rebrandly when your domain is properly configured.

Note: This process takes place on your domain host's account, which does vary from registrar to registrar. Here are instructions at some of the most popular domain providers:

  1. How to Change DNS Records at GoDaddy
  2. How to Change DNS Records at HostGator
  3. How to Change DNS Records at
  4. How to Change DNS Records at Blue Host
  5. How to Change DNS Records at Ipage.
  6. How to Change DNS Records at InMotion Hosting.

Important to know:

  • DNS needs to be propagated all over the World in order to make the dedicated domain works. Verification time may take from several minutes up to 24 hours.

 Having problems setting up your domain name?

  • Rebrandly may not support a specific domain extension (TLD). For example: .ml, .tk
  • The domain name you are trying to set up could be already in use by you or another customer


This article is about:

  • Setting up a domain as a link shortener
  • How to change your DNS in a 3rd party host provider
  • Changing or creating a new A record

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    Awesome!!! This was exactly what I was looking for, amazing!!!

  • 0
    Graham Smith


    Just purchased a domain through you in order to set-up a custom domain, but I can't get past the "What is your domain name?" page, as when I enter the domain it comes up with Domain Already Exists.

    I did follow the procedures, and selected 'I own a spare domain', but just can't get passed the page in order to change thea ctual DNS.

    Just wondered if I also have to wait a bit before I can do this?


    Many thanks


  • 0

    Hi Graham,
    When you purchase a domain in Rebrandly, you don't need to configure the DNS, as we do it for you. You can already use this branded domain in your account to short your URLs!

    Feel free to reach us in case you need more,


  • 0

    Hi Marciano,

    DNS settings are incorrect, please send us a screenshot of them to, we are happy to help.

  • 0

    I cannot find the Spare Domain section. THe link for it goes to a 404 page.

  • 0

    Hi Shane, sorry about that, there was an error in the URL. Now it's fixed. 

    Edited by David
  • 1
    Bryce Adams

    Hi. I have had this set up for a while but now that you offer SSL for all levels I would like to "undo" this. Currently, the DNS are set up as Karl and Rose (Cloudflare). How do I "undo" this? Do I just change the name servers back to my usual name servers and that's all? Thanks in advance.

  • 1
    Scott Palmer

    So... let's say, hypothetically, a certain bonehead new user correctly connected a domain that was not being used for a live website, but now realizes it wasn't truly spare and I - uh, they - do want to connect it to a live website.

    Can I undo the action described above and return my domain to other use? And I'm sure that'll negatively impact existing shortlinks... what's the most common way to manage that? Thank you!

  • 0
    Prakash Chandra

    Hi but acha apse siy hi ju Kam ki pltfay kiy jriy siy Kam mil

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